Services - PEAKBREAK - The Alps Race
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The PEAKBREAK Service Package

Starter kit

Your starter kit will include the following:
Roadbooks for all stages, race number, race info, transponder. The rent for the transponder is included in the entry fee but a deposit will be held during the event.

Marking of the route

There will be PEAKBREAK directions marks during all stages in the form of ground markings, signs as well as marshalls temporarily leading the way.

Parts of the course will be closed for individual traffic.

Accompanying vehicles and broom waggon

  • Accompanying vehicles
  • Technical service
  • Spare parts service
  • Emergency management
  • Broom waggon

During the whole race there will be accompanying vehicles available for your support. Further, we offer technical service,  spare part service and of course you have the opportunity to contact  the race management centre.
The broom waggon will follow at the end of the race and will mark the pace for the final finish time. It will also be available to help regarding  service request or need for spare parts.

Aid stations

  • Fresh bottle replacement with different tastes
  • Fruits
  • Salty snacks
  • Cake

For your subsistence there are aid stations supporting you during all stages. Per stage you will find minimum one aid station. The final position of all aid stations depends on the course and local conditions. Usually we try to set an aid station every 60 kilometres.
Available beverages at our aid stations are isotonic drinks, fruits, salty snacks, cake, coca cola and of course water. Special service: At every aid station we provide  freshly filled drinking bottles for exchange.

Our aid station teams are available for any support you need.

Pasta Party & beverages after finish line

After the race a final aid station with the right beverages will be available for all participants. Furthermore, our famous pasta party every evening of a race day makes sure that you bring your energy level back up for the next challenge.

Info Points

At every finish line we will have an info point waiting for you. There you get all relevant information about the race and upcoming stages. We will provide you with the upcoming schedules, info about accommodation or any other kind of requests. No matter what question you have, we are happy to help!

Massage service

A full week of racing is a serious challenge for your body. That’s why a team of experienced physio therapists and personal trainers is available for you after each stage. For discounted rates you can easily book them and get your muscles back on track for the next race day. Bookings will be done on location.

Finisher shirt

This trophy must be earned day by day – meaning stage by stage. Once you have crossed the finish line of the final stage our specially designed PEAKBREAK shirt will be handed over to you. The finisher shirt is  a top  quality product and hopefully a special  memory, amongst many other memories you will make during the PEAKBREAK 2018.

Photo service

PEAKBREAK will be accompanied throughout the whole week by professional photographers and will also capture your very personal journey. After the event you can order the best pictures to a discounted price.
Impressions of the last year’s events you can find in our gallery.

Medical aid

Our medical team is highly qualified for sport events like the PEAKBREAK. During the whole race the local team is on alert and will provide you with immediate help if needed.


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At PEAKBREAK, single participants as well as teams of 2 and 4 will be evaluated in different categories. Every stage is evaluated individually. Results of each stage are going to be announced at the end of each race day.

Transponder time keeping

Time keeping will be done by transponder system. The rental fee for the transponders is included in the registration fee. For every stage tme keeping starts from scratch and is not based on results of previous stages. Single evaluations are started in time intervals.

GPS and download of route profile

A couple weeks before the event you can download the route profile including GPS data from our website. Please note: Short time changes may occur at any time. We will notify here on our website as soon as the final route is ready for download but strongly recommend to join our daily race briefings the evening before the next stage.

Continuation of the service

If you are unable to participate or finish a stage don’t worry: You still remain an active participant of the PEAKBREAK and can continue to use all our services as well as participate in the remaining stages. However, in  case of missing a stage or not finish one you will show as DNF in the final results but we still provide you with your individual stage times.