Regulations - PEAKBREAK - The Alps Race
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The start of each stage is neutralized. The start signal will be given by the race director. The race director can neutralize certain parts of the route to guarantee highest possible security.

A cut off time for the latest athlete to finish will be determined for each stage.

During the race, traffic regulations of the respective country apply. Right hand traffic has to be maintained.

Leaving the predefined road as well as cutting corners is forbidden.

All participants are obliged to wear certified helmets (TÜV, CE, ANSI SNEL) throughout the route. (all stages from start to finish)


Road safety

The race is accompanied by assisting vehicles, one in front one following the race and several more in between. These vehicles equipped with officially licensed rotating beacons will protect groups of participants from the front or individual athletes from behind. Road security is provided by officially authorized staff entitled to control the traffic if needed.

Private accompanying vehicles are strictly prohibited.

Throughout the tour (from start to finish of the stages) the orders of the staff appointed by the organizers must be followed.


Time keeping

Time keeping is done by chip transponders. Participants are responsible for their transponders and must keep them properly attached to their bicycles.

Stage results and overall standings will be evaluated. Within stages up to three intermediate points of time taking can be set that primarily serve as checkpoints.

Daily stage results will be published at the stage finish following the end of each stage.

In addition to the transponders all participants have to have to attach their race numbers to their bicycles (handlebar), jerseys (on the back) and helmets in such a way that they are clearly visible at all times of the race.



For each stage at least two provision stations provide participants with water, sports drinks and fruit. Sign posts will give early notice of these provision stations. Participants must stop to pick up provisions in any case.

Basically participants are responsible for their own food and drinks.

It is prohibited to leave behind any litter. Participants must pay for any cleaning costs caused by them.



All participants of PEAKBREAK” are obliged to make sure their bicycles are in excellent mechanical condition and do not have any safety deficiency, especially with regard to brakes and other parts relevant to safety. The bicycles may be checked by the organizers before the start of each stage and disqualified if necessary.

Only bicycles with road racing configuration are allowed to be used in PEAKBREAK.


It is strictly forbidden to use the following equipment

  • Any kind of handlebar attachment
  • Recumbent bicycles, unicycles and any kind of hand bike
  • Triathlon bars, Bull Horns, or Delta handlebars
  • Panniers and cycle trailers of any kind, only saddle bags are allowed
  • Bottle cages behind or under the saddle
  • Bottles made from hard/dangerous materials such as glass, aluminum, etc.



Athletes participate in “PEAKBREAK” on their own responsibility and at their own risks



Only athletes who have turned 18 are allowed to participate in PEAKBREAK.



With your registration, you are obliged to check your health condition and confirm your medical status to be without doctor’s remarks to be able to take part. Everybody is obliged to present a medical attest without any doctor’s remarks before the tour. Your attest must not be older than 4 weeks.