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The PEAKBREAK Service Package

Starter kit

Roadbooks for the whole tour, goodies from sponsors and partners, bib number, race information, etc.

Marking of the route

There will be PEAKBREAK direction marks during all the stages. Sometimes marshals will lead the way.

Parts of the course are closed to the individual traffic.

Accompanying vehicles and broom waggon

  • Accompanying vehicles
  • Technical service
  • Spare Parts Service
  • Emergency management
  • Broom Wagon

During the whole race there are accompanying vehicles for your support (technical service/spare parts and contact to the race management centre). The broom waggon follows at the end of the race and marks the pace for the last possible finish time. The broom waggon will also help regarding service and provide you some spare parts.

Aid Stations

  • Fresh bottle replacement
  • Fruits
  • Snacks

For your subsistence there are aid stations supporting you during the stages (a tleast one for each stage, depending on the stage distance). Beverages including fresh bottles, fruits, crackers, cakes, cola and water will be provided.

The position of the aid station depends on the course of each stage and the local conditions. Usualy we try to set an aid station every 60 kilometers.

Pasta Party

Every evening we give you the possibility to refill your carbohydrates. The pasta party every evening makes sure, that you will have enough energy for the next day.

Info Point

At each finish line we will provide an info-point for you. There you can get all the relevant information around PEAKBREAK. Here you can ask for the further schedule of the day, where you can find your accommodation or similar service requests. We will always try to help you best in any case.

Massage Service

The race week is a real challenge for your body. At every stage finish experienced massage-experts take care of your muscles.

For moderate rates you can book massages to get your body in shape again for the next race day.


This trophy will be hardly earned. Every finisher will be awarded a finisher shirt after the last stage.

Photo Service

PEAKBREAK is going to be accompanied by professional photographers. You can order the best pictures and impressions after the event.

Medical Aid

During the whole race the local rescue services are on alert and will provide you medical service.


The free newsletter will provide you periodic information about PEAKBREAK.


Evaluation of single participants, teams of 2 and 4 in different classifications. All stages are evaluated individually. The stage results are going to be announced after the cut off at the finish line.

Transponder time keeping

Time keeping will be done by transponder system. The rental for the transponders is included in the entry fee.

Download of the route profile

You can download all the route profiles including GPS- data from our Website some weeks before the event.

Extension of the service

If you cannot take part or finish a stage, you still have the possibility to use the full service and participate in the remaining stages. In this case, you will finish PEAKBREAK without overall standings, but you have the individual stage times as comparable figures for your participation next year.